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Kids Ride: Cycling at Longmead, Tonbridge

Updated: Mar 31, 2021

By Beth Perrott, aged 7

Longmead is in Tonbridge and is a good place to ride a bike.

It is a good place to teach your child to ride their bike because it is flat and there are no cars which means you can have lots of fun. You can ride your scooter on the path, run or you can walk your dog.

There is a path for you all the way around and 1 lap is about 1 km. You don’t have to pay to walk around the grass.

There is a skate park for all ages and there are 6 football pitches, a park for the children, and a basketball court for them.

You can birdwatch on a bench. When I went I heard a woodpecker up in the trees. See if you can hear one. There is lots of green grass for playing with dogs.

Enjoy your visit!

Where to find Longmead

1 Comment

Feb 13, 2021

Thats brilliant Beth👍very informative xx

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