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7 of the Best Bikepacking Blogs to Follow

Updated: Mar 9

Bikepacking. Where the worlds of off-road and tour cycling merge with hiking and wild camping. It’s freedom at its purest. Minimalist. With a go-anywhere mindset and everything you need to get by strapped to your two-wheeled steed.

There are many inspiring cycle-travel writers out there, all dedicated to scribing about adventurous cycling. Here are some of our favourites, all of which naturally need a sit down with your favourite cup of Java. is the definitive guide to bikepacking, covering everything you need to get started and need to know. They've pulled produced some great content, such as this great bikepacking '101' video, which includes adventurers' varying definitions of bikepacking. There's also a stunning collection of bikepacking stories on their website. You could literally spend days reading and daydreaming. You'll then want to explore all the gear you can buy, and they have this covered too.

“Founded in 2012, is the leading resource for bikepacking routes, in-depth gear reviews, inspiration, planning insight, adventure stories, news, and events. Brought to you by folks addicted to campfire smoke, chromoly steel, and getting lost. Our small team strives to inspire readers to get out and explore our planet, discover its wild places, and connect with its diverse cultures, all via the bicycle’s elegant simplicity.”



"Alastair Humphreys is an adventurer, blogger, author, speaker, and film maker. Alastair is a National Geographic Adventurer of the Year and has written 12 books. He produces a monthly newsletter with the highlights of the blog, forthcoming speaking engagements and important expedition news."

There’s one beautiful piece in collaboration with Anna Brones, entitled Coffee Outside, which particularly resonates well with Coffee and Cogs. It's a must-read.

“Humphreys is clearly slightly bonkers and this is a wonderful thing”

Geographical Magazine

Follow Alastair Humphreys


Sea to Summit is a retailer dedicated to outdoor adventures, but they have some really great content on their blog, such as 19 things learned while bikepacking the world, which makes for really interesting and insightful reading.

Follow Sea to Summit


Rob Haggan is a freelance outdoor writer, blogger and weekend adventurer, and as well as covering bikepacking, he also writes about hiking, scrambling and running on his outdoor adventure blog.

Follow The Outdoor Adventure Blog


Another very comprehensive blog from a well-travelled bike tourer. Not only does this site cover some great stories of trips around the world, but also some great guides, advice, recipes and packlists.

Follow While Out Riding


Tom's blog posts on 'adventures and experiments in two-wheeled travel' cover a vast array of topics on cycle touring and bikepacking, such as tips & advice, inspiration & motivation, tales from the road, philosophy, trip planning and bikes & gear.

Follow Tom’s Bike Trip


The reason we've featured this article from Red Bull about wild camping by bike is that Kent's very own North Downs is number 1 on this list.

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1 Comment

Mar 09, 2023

Excellent sources, thank you! I'll follow some of these up to help advise our users. We've just developed the Western Front Way, thru-bike (and hike) trails along First World War trench lines from Belgium to Switzerland. Thanks again, Kim

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