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7 Cyclist Friendly Cafes in Tonbridge & Hildenborough

Updated: Mar 23, 2021

Whether you’re passing through Tonbridge, or ending your ride here, there are loads of great places to stop for a decent coffee or slice of something nice. Here are our favourites, so be sure to fit one of them into your ride.

65mm Coffee

Why visit 65mm Coffee?

Proper artisan coffee, lovely views of the riverside and Tonbridge Castle, and plenty of room to park your bike and sit next to the river while you enjoy your flat white.

Where to find 65mm Coffee

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Finch House

Why visit Finch House?

The ultimate cheese toastie is to die for. And super coffee too. If you sit outside the cafe in the shopping arcade, you might be able to park your bikes near your table. Otherwise you’ll need to lock them up as it’s in the centre of the High Street.

Where to find Finch House

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Fuggles Beer Cafe

Why visit Fuggles Beer Cafe?

Probably the best range of craft beer and gin in Tonbridge. But also great coffee. Probably best to visit this as your last stop, and plan to get the train home, as you'll want to stay longer than you should.

Where to find Fuggles Beer Cafe

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Ridings Cafe

Why visit Ridings Cafe?

This quaint little stop couldn't be more appropriately named for cyclists. The paninis are out of this world (especially the pesto and mozzarella ciabatta). Delicious granola bars too, so take one for the rest of your ride. This is the perfect stop before you head up into the hills.

Where to find Ridings Cafe

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The Bakehouse at 124

Why visit The Bakehouse at 124?

The best pastries and cakes in town. It’s what they do, right?

Where to find The Bakehouse at 124

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The Teal Cafe

Why visit the Teal Cafe?

Great full English breakfast (the vegetarian one is good too), smashed avo and poached eggs, great coffee. Plenty of room to park your bike too.

Where to find The Teal Cafe

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Tonbridge Old Fire Station

Why visit Tonbridge Old Fire Station?

It’s all about the pop-ups at TOFS. Keep an eye out for their events to get the best of gastro pop-up. But for the rest of the time, they serve awesome artisan coffee and pastries.

Where to find Tonbridge Old Station

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Did I miss one?

Drop me a note and let me know which cafe you think should be added and why.


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