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13 Brands Redefining Cycling Couture

Updated: Mar 9

Image: Rapha

Cycling and style used to go together like Baileys and lime cordial. And most lycra-based cycling wear would look just as appealing. But in recent years, a few brands have brought a certain je ne sais quoi to cycling, creating a new wave of couture. Here are a few of our favourite brands making cyclists look far more acceptable to be seen in a cafe supping a cortado.

1. Assos

Images: Assos

Assos is all about high-performance, high-comfort cycling apparel. From World Tour racing to weekend trail rides, Assos engineers equipment for every type of cyclist. And they do it in style too.


2. Band of Climbers

Images: Band of Climbers

Band of Climbers is a small design collective based in North East England that produces casual and performance cycling apparel. They’re dedicated to the art of climbing hills and their kit is inspired by, and tested on, the toughest cols and mountain passes in Europe.


3. Café du Cycliste

Images: Café du Cycliste

Café du Cycliste epitomises premium cycling couture and have been at the forefront of cycling style for many years.


4. CHPT3

CHPT3 is the laboratory for the cycling industry, founded by David Millar. He founded CHPT3 to be a platform through which they and their partners can do creative, collaborative projects. The result is a contemporary high performance look.


5. Isadore

Images: Isadore Isadore takes all of the knowledge and experience gained from its co-founders in the pro peloton to create quality and stylish products.


6. La Passione

Images: La Passione

Italian brand, La Passione, produces high quality road and urban cycling wear. The quality is exceptional for the price, which is kept low by selling direct to you, so you won’t find them on any retail websites.


7. La Machine

Images: La Machine

La Machine produces a few on-road pieces, but also provide a lovely, unique off-bike range, largely inspired by the Grand Tours.


8. Le Col

Images: Le Col

Like Isadore, Le Col was born from the peloton to create the best performance cycling apparel. But it’s not just about performance. Le Col blends form and function, brining style to the wannabe pros. They also ha e a custom offering so you can create your own designs.



Images: MAAP

Australian brand MAAP follows our trifecta of passions: cycling, coffee and style. They’re committed to developing the art and progression of cycling through a considered approach to style, innovation and performance.



In the continuous pursuit of its vision and values, PEdALED celebrates the rise of the sport and encourages cyclists to explore the world on two wheels through its premium cycling apparel.



PEARL iZUMi’s heritage goes back over half a century and might win the award for the best brand story as well as some of the most elegant performance kit.


12. Rapha

Rapha pretty much defined modern cycling couture with their high quality apparel, elegant designs and iconic arm band. Rapha oozes quality, and the collaborations across their product range reinforce their commitment to quality design. Custom options also available, so you can play around for hours designing your own fantasy team kit.


13. Stolen Goat

Another contender for best back story, Stolen Goat have a great range of really unique cycling wear, from the subtly refined to stand-out lary.


Have I missed one?

Drop me a note to let me know which brands you think are leading cycling couture and I’ll add it to the list.


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