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About Coffee & Cogs

Coffee and Cogs started life as a personal project during the COVID-19 pandemic. A place for me to log and share local cycling routes in the Kent Weald and surrounding areas, a few personal cycling adventures and stories, as well as some recommendations, whether it be cafés, coffee or anything to do with cycling. 

About Me, Nathan

Let's be honest here. I'm not an all-weather, give it all you've got on every ride, KOM-chasing cyclist. If it's lower than 5°C or raining before I head out, I'm probably not going. But, I do like to be out on two wheels, exploring the countryside under my own power and at my own pace. I'll take on the odd sportive and raise money for charity when I can. And I do what I can in the time I have. And at its core, that's what cycling's all about.  

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